Down Syndrome Association of Greater New Orleans

When: Saturday

October 6, 2018
9am - 3:00pm

Walk starts PROMPTLY at 11:00am
Where: "The Shrine on Airline"

(Baby Cakes Parking Lot)
6000 Airline Highway, Metairie, LA 70003

The Buddy Walk is a family fun event and fundraiser designed to celebrate individuals with Down syndrome. Join us for a jambalaya cook-off, live music, dozens of games, an awesome silent auction, crafts, snacks, and so much more.
Hannah & Kenny - Captain: Hannah LaCour

YA'LL ARE THE ONE THAT WE WANT TO BE ON OUR GREASE TEAM THIS YEAR.  We hope all our friends and family can join us at the 16th Annual Buddy Walk on Saturday October 6, 2018 at the Baby Cake Stadium.  Please help us raise awareness and support for the Down Syndrome Association of Greater New Orleans by donating and joining our team.


Hannah and Kenny

Team Goal

Team Registrants
Jerry Grubb
Dominick Sadowski
Kim Weber
Clare Messina
Christopher Lazarine
Connor Ackerman
Annette Messina
Paul Messina
Erin Lazarine
Hailee Weber
Gaynell Gros
Wayne Softley
Lori Baldassaro
Mary Gros
Georgie Sill
Macy Boten
Rachel Pierce
Missy LaCour
Mindy Sadowski
Katie Murphy
Herbert Deleon
Elsie Messina
Paula LaCour
Robert Lazarine
Henry Sill
Hunter Sadowski
Megan LaCour
Hannah LaCour
Kirby LaCour
Robbie Lazarine
Debbie Sill
Alina Grubb
Charlene Horn
Donna Perez
Kenny Sill
Debbie Lazarine
Team Donors
Shawn & John McBride
Elite Resorts
Clare Messina
Kirk and Dawn Pichon
Wayne Softley
Lori & Danny Baldassaro
Mary Gros
Macy A. Boten
Sandra Murphy
R & M LaCour
katie murphy
Diane S.
Tom and Donna Theriot
Darralann Phenis
Platinum Summit Level - $5,000.00
Esteemed Sponsor Level - $2,000.00
DSAGNO Patron Level - $1,000.00
DSAGNO Friend Level - $500.00
DSAGNO Buddy Level - $250
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