Down Syndrome Association of Greater New Orleans

When: Saturday

October 6, 2018
9am - 3:00pm

Walk starts PROMPTLY at 11:00am
Where: "The Shrine on Airline"

(Baby Cakes Parking Lot)
6000 Airline Highway, Metairie, LA 70003

The Buddy Walk is a family fun event and fundraiser designed to celebrate individuals with Down syndrome. Join us for a jambalaya cook-off, live music, dozens of games, an awesome silent auction, crafts, snacks, and so much more.
Team Cole - Captain: Shelley Adams




Saturday, October 6, 2018

9Am - 3PM

The Shrine on Airline

The Buddy Walk is Back Ya’ll and so is Team Cole!  Come and join us for some food, fun,    and some fabulous friends!!

Team Cole will again be seling T-shirts to match our theme for the year!  They will sell for $15 and can be ordered through me.  Email to place an order!   We accept cash, check, Venmo, and Paypal for the shirts (they can not be purchased off   this site).

There are many ways to join Team Cole!  You can register to walk with us, Donate to   Team Cole, Donate a silent auction item, Purchase a Team Cole shirt, or Become a       Sponsor for the Buddy Walk!  

We love and thank you guys for all the Support!

Team Cole

Team Goal

Team Registrants
Caleb Clouatre
Mina Patel
Bobby Malbrough
Trent Tregle
Edward Lambert
Paula Robicheaux
Hannah Schwartz
Joey Lemoine
Darlene Faucheux
Marnell Lambert
Barney Gerberg
Cole Jacob
Shelley Adams
Nathan Rhodes
Garrett Borne
Dylan Gibbs
Crystal Modica
Allen Smith
Dana Schwartz
Seth Kenney
Wyatt Hayes
Yolanda Smith
Joshua Vicknair
John Jolliff
Amr Costandi
Kyle Schwartz
Rhett Boudreaux
Michael Mollere
Gary White
Sandy Gerberg
Logan Robicheaux
Ty Yoes
Mason Mollere
Teri McNeil
Vimal Patel
Grant Vial
Dustin Jolliff
Cameron Dufrene
Jordan Jacob
Amy Cassioppi
Ross Rogan
Cade Tramuta
Peggy Huckaba
Abby Christen
Brandy Boudreaux
Victoria Dantin
Korinne Kimble
Gabriel Costandi
Nathan Schexnaydre
Terry Ullrich
Dylan Thomas
Amy Lauzon
Brandon Smith
Max Jacob
Mason Hahn
Melissa Dantin
Ryleigh Adams
Zachary Robicheaux
Aiden Mizell
Sam Dantin
Troy Jacob
Gage Harding
Collette Srubar
Clayton Harding
Dustin Weber
Nicholas Schulin
Kimberly Hahn
Madison Hahn
Dennis Smith
Kaylee McNeil
Ethan Headings
Laura Guidry
Joshua Cassioppi
Bailee Hurm
Hayden Mancuso
Dylan Weber
Marie Smith
Dickie Gibbs
Saige Digirolamo
Anthony Malbrough
Brock Mire
Kolt Kimble
Keston Granier
Denise Maurin
Ty Boyne
Braden Barrios
Avery Schexnaydre
Ahman Morris
Kim Costandi
Cristian Ricks
Brandi Jolliff
Nicole Jacob
Glynda Hurm
David Adams
Conner Mender
Cole Adams
Mason Caillouet
Tracey Digirolamo
Noah Simon
Lance DeFrisco
Gabrielle Gabler
Cole Moran
Kristy Kimble
Judy Ullrich
Team Donors
Glenda Aicklen
Debbie McKillop
Dustin Snider
Melanie Fuchs
Southern Aggregates
The Vicari Family
Kayser Family
Wyatt Hayes
The Rigby Family
Julie Haynes
Lloyd, Beth, MaryBeth, 5, and Maddie
Duane and Andrea Digirolamo
The Barqueros
The Hotard
Tim Christiansen
Jolliff Family
Michelle Barquero
Liz Gaudet
Louise Pemberton
Craig Boudreaux
Kathy Brown
The Sessions Family
Garrett Borne
Robin Shields
Stacey Payne
Opa & Grandma Judy
The Costandi Family
Auntie Amy
Scott LaCaze
The Dantin's
Silent Auction Items
Melissa Calongne
Nicholas Schulin
Barbara Waller
Paw Paw and Re Re
Celeste Maunoir
Brad, Christie and kids
Mike McAvoy
The Sirmon Family
Donna Browne
Trinh Dieu
Kevin Rogers
G. Smith Motorsports
All-Star Electric, Inc.
Kendra Scott
Town & Country
Jennifer Kerwin
Braden Barrios
Rome Family
The Nordgrens
Kristen Bryant
Digirolamo Family
Paula Solera
The Oertlings
Platinum Summit Level - $5,000.00
Esteemed Sponsor Level - $2,000.00
DSAGNO Patron Level - $1,000.00
DSAGNO Friend Level - $500.00
DSAGNO Buddy Level - $250
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