Down Syndrome Association of Greater New Orleans

When: Saturday,

October 28, 2017

9am - 3:00pm

Walk starts PROMPTLY at 11:00am

Where: "The Shrine on Airline"

(Baby Cakes Field)
6100 Airline Highway, Metairie, LA

The Buddy Walk is a family fun event and fundraiser designed to celebrate individuals with Down syndrome. Join us for a jambalaya cook-off, live music, dozens of games, crafts, snacks, and so much more.

Team Cole - Captain: Shelley Adams

It's that time of year again. . . BUDDY WALK TIME!!!!  Team Cole will again be participating in the Buddy Walk this year to raise funds to help the Down Syndrome Association of Greater New Orleans raise awareness!  Who doesn't want to come out for a great cause, great music, great food, and let's not even mention the company!!!  

So how do you become a member of Team Cole?   

- Sign up to join us for the walk on October 28, 2017 or

- Make a donation on our Team Cole site, or

- Buy a Team Cole T-shirt!

Team Cole will again sell T-shirts to help raise funds, our theme this year is Super Heroes!  So if you are walking with us and are not purchasing a shirt, just dress in Red, White, or Blue!  Please contact me to order your Team Cole shirt at, all shirts will be $15, payment for these shirts can be made in person to me, or through paypal or venmo.  We will have sizes from YS-XXXL.  

In the meantime, we are looking for corporate sponsorships, as well as any items that can be raffled off at our silent auction.  Please let me know if you or someone you know would like to be a corporate sponsor, OR something to donate for our silent auction.

Team Cole has a hefty goal this year, so please consider helping us reach it!  You guys have always been so good to us and we are very thankful!!

Love to you all!!!

Team Goal

Team Registrants
Alexis Leal
Ashley Aicklen
Tracey Digirolamo
Suzanne Snider
Max Laumann
Melissa Dantin
Kaitlyn Gauthreaux
Amr Costandi
Louise Pemberton
Braelyn Cottingham
Micah Taliancich
Awtrey "Art" Gaudet
Matthew Guichard
Mae Taliancich
Victoria Dantin
Mason Hahn
Keith Wild
Gabriel Costandi
Kim Hahn
Linda White
Sandy Gerberg
Preston Dantin
Catalina Gaudet
John Darwin
Kyle Schwartz
Addison Arceneaux
Marissa Leal
Gary White
Brian Arceneaux
Stefanie West
Tyler Bourgeois
Henry Friloux
Greg Eames
Stepahanie Gauthreaux
Bonnie Snider
Hannah Schwartz
Brandi Jolliff
Yolanda Smith
Sheri Irick
Trent Tregle
Laurie Guichard
Shelvy Thoulion
Ryleigh Adams
Awtrey "IV" Gaudet
chris clements
Tasha Bourgeois
mickella nee
Dennis Smith
Pam Wolfe
Judith Ullrich
Trina Clements
Dawn Wild
Christie Taliancich
Mallory Laumann
Brandon Stell
Reve Hulin
Marie Smith
John Jolliff
Pierre Friloux
Barney Gerberg
Shelley Adams
Terry Ullrich
Glenda Aicklen
David Adams
Ashleigh Lark
Bryanna Gauthreaux
Drew McFall
Marnell Lambert
Melanie Fuchs
Angelina Verbenne
Sam Dantin
Brian Hauser
Shay Barquero
Peggy Huckaba
Linda Darwin
Wendy Arceneaux
Joseph Guichard
JT Thoulion
Clay Hurm
Paula Robicheaux
Bryan Gauthreaux
Arleen Friloux
Darrell Hauser
Mason Caillouet
Isabella Aicklen
Dana Schwartz
Brandon Wild
Brandy Boudreaux
Allie West
Shelley Adams
Marie Hauser
Kim Costandi
Rhett Boudreaux
Madison Hahn
Sandra Schexnaydre
Team Donors
Trinh Dieu
Tracey Digirolamo
Corey Oubre
Amy Cassioppi
Matt Gedge
Team Cole Super Fan
Live Ya Life Foundation of South Louisiana
Lee Gaffney
Gabriel Costandi
Melissa Calongne
Liz Gaudet
Marnell and Eddie Lambert
Claudia Rodriguez
West family
Tim Christiansen
The Hargrave's
Gilbert Bennett
Debbie McKillop
Michel & Debra Palisi
The Rigby Family
Jolliff Family
JT & Shelvy
Rome Family
Vicki Barquero
Amy Lauzon
Uniforms By Kajan
chris clements
Fabre Family
The Stone Family
Don and Rose Vicari
Terry and Judy Ullrich
Kayser Family
Karen Holzenthal
Michelle Barquero
Dennis & Marie Smith
Laurie Oertling
Glenda Aicklen
Linda Richard
Kimble Family
Debbie Hess
Barbara Waller
Southern Aggregates, LLC
Songe family
Tami Hotard
The Magnolia Companies of Louisiana, LLC
Debbie Tallent
Donna Browne
Scott LaCaze
Mike McAvoy
The Harrells
Beth Landry
Craig Boudreaux
Josie and Jessie
The Sessions Family
Sean Tynan
Town & Country Bridal
Trish & Geoff Nordgren
Rachel Beland
Shelley Schexnaydre
Uncle Towel
Elizabeth Roberts
Celeste Maunoir
Gigi Legendre
Aunt Mimi, Uncle John, Mya and Clarice
Robin Shields
Rob and kristen gilbert
Cole Porter
Laurie Blakley
Louise Pemberton
Duane and Andrea Digirolamo
Stacey Payne
Sandra Schexnaydre
DSAGNO Buddy Level - $250
DSAGNO Friend Level - $500.00
DSAGNO Patron Level - $1,000.00
Esteemed Sponsor Level - $2500.00
Platinum Summit Level - $5,000.00
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